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Peace Concert in Aki Matsuri 2013

Shinji Harada at 2013 Aki Matsuri

Shinji Harada at 2013 Aki Matsuri
"Mr. Shinji Harada at 2013 Aki Matsuri"

Saturday Evening Special Concert by the Japanese rock singer and songwriter, SHINJI HARADA and band members, Wornell Jones (Bass Guitar) and MATARO (Drum / Percussion) held at the Bellevue College's Carson Theater.

Shinji Harada also made appearances on the main stage in the Gym on both days.

Shinji Harada - Profile

Born in Dec.5, 1958 Hiroshima, Japan, Shinji is a Japanese rock singer and songwriter.

He also actively serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors for a Japanese not-for-profit organization, Gentle Earth, and the Hiroshima Peace Culture Ambassador for Hiroshima-city, Japan.

Shinji Harada Photo
"Photos Courtesy of Mr. Shinji Harada"
Shinji made a sensational debut in 1977 when he released three singles in a row over three months.  All of the three singles (“Teens’ Blues,” “Candy,” and “Shadow Boxer”) ranked in the top 10 hits that year.  His first album “Feel Happy” ranked No.1 in Japan immediately after its release.  He was the first teen solo singer ever to achieve this accomplishment in Japan.  To date, this record still stands.  His biggest hit single, “Time Travel” (released in 1978) was recently covered by a popular Japanese band, and used for the theme song for a TV drama in 2012.

Since his debut, Shinji has proved to be a prolific songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit.  He not only writes for himself, but also creates music for fellow Japanese artists, including CM songs and TV program theme songs.  He has also written a school theme song.

The focal point of Shinji’s artistic activities has been revolving around a theme of “Love, Peace, and Happiness.”  Having grown up in Hiroshima-city, Shinji is also a peace activist, using his artistic creativity as a tool to spread his message to the rest of the world.

He has performed and continues to perform a number of charitable concerts annually not only in Japan, but also around world.  His charitable activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Live concerts to support the victims and the recovery efforts of the Great East Japan Earthquake

  • Chinju No Mori Concerts – to promote environment protection and spirit of caring at Shinto shrines in Japan and around world (i.e. Tsubaki Jinjya)

  • Universal Peace Day (New York) - to commemorate the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing & 9・11

  • Singing Angel Projects - Supporting children in the world through music
Shinji is an artist who touches people’s lives, and through his charitable concerts, he allows us to enjoy his music and help others.
Shinji Harada Photo
"Photos Courtesy of Mr. Shinji Harada"

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Wornell Jones - Profile

was born and grew up in Washington D.C., USA before moving to Japan in 1992. Most of bassist/writer/singer/producer Wornell Jones' musical expressions have occurred in the background where he has distinguished himself on recording sessions in American and Japanese studios; he also composed songs for some music heavyweights, in addition to cutting an album in 1979, the self-titled Wornell Jones for Paradise Records.

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MATARO - Profile

MATARO (SHIGEKI MISAWA) is a Drummer/Percussionist, Music Producer and Arranger currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He is originally from Tomakomai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan. People speak of him as being “the busiest percussionist in Japan” because he accompanies many Japanese famous artists on their concert tours every year. He is a multi-talented artist who plays not only percussion instruments, but also plays drums and does vocal. Since 1994, he has been pouring his energy into creating music by releasing his original pieces, and promoting and collaborating with other artists. Now he supervises “Misawa Dagakki Juku (percussion school)”, and plays active role supporting live concerts and recordings of other artists.

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