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2013 Information

"Castles of Japan" Presentation
by Mr. Masakatsu Matsumoto
and Mr. Patrick Reymann

Aki Matsuri 2013
"Photo Courtesy of Mr. Masakatsu Matsumoto"

In 2013, we introduced what we hope to be a continuing series of presentations exploring the “Castles of Japan” allowing the attendees to gain a basic understanding of the historical timeline and evolution of castle construction in the context of the social, political, and economic development throughout this vast period of 250 ~ 1640 AD. It is our hope that attendees will gain enough information to better understand and individually learn through visits to Japan and the many books published on the subject.

Presentations lead by Mr. Masakatsu Matsumoto (Shiga-ken, Japan) and Mr. Patrick Reymann (Renton, WA). Subjects such as “Who Built the Castles”, and “Why Were the Castles Built” were addressed.

Mr. Masakatsu Matsumoto - Profile

"Photo Courtesy of Mr. Masakatsu Matsumoto"

Masakatsu Matsumoto worked for Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. at the Shiga-Takatsuki Plant located in Nagahama, Shiga prefecture for about 30 years. He worked as a member of the quality inspection and quality assurance division.

After retiring from Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. he joined the Hikone Volunteer Tour Guides Association giving guided tours of Hikone Castle, a designated National Treasure of Japan. Since then, he has given about 50 yearly tours to Japanese visitors and in English on an “as needed” basis for foreign tourists.

The Hikone Volunteer Tour Guides Association provides three (3) guides tours as follows: Course A: Hikone Castle and Genkyu-en, Course B: Hikone Castle Museum, Hikone Castle and Genkyu-en, and Course C: Town Walk. These tours by hometown storytellers guide you through the castle, temples, shrines and adjacent residential areas of years past when high ranking samurai and foot soldiers lived here. Enjoy the beauty of the castles moats, and stone walls while hearing the basic information and anecdotes handed down from generation to generation.

Matsumoto san is now president of the Hikone Volunteer Tour Guides Association, and he was happy to share his information with the matsuri visitors during the 2013 Aki Matsuri “Castles of Japan” presentations.

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Mr. Patrick Reymann - Profile

"Photo Courtesy of Mr. Patrick Reymann"

Patrick Reymann (Renton, WA) worked as an English teacher on the JET program in Shiga prefecture, Nagahama city from 2008-2012. Patrick was elected as the Communications Director for the Association for Japan Exchange & Teaching Program in 2010, where his duties included organizing community events designed to strengthen the bonds between Japanese citizens and foreigners living in Japan. During his time as Communications Director, Patrick spearheaded dozens of events introducing foreigners to local castles and watershed moments in Japanese history that took place in Shiga prefecture. He has lead personal tours of Japanese castles throughout Shiga prefecture, providing volunteer interpretation services for multiple tourists groups and organizations.

Currently Patrick works at The Laurasian Institution, where he provides logistic support for large-scale study abroad programs between Japan and America. He also serves as treasurer for the Pacific Northwest Japan Alumni Association, managing grants from Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote interest in Japanese studies.

Patrick hopes that attendees came away with a greater appreciation of Japanese castles and their impact on modern Japan today.

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