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2011 Information

Kimono Presentation &
Yukata Show by Ugawa Yu

Kimono Demonstration 2011 Aki Matsuri
  Kimono Coordinator, Ugawa Yu from Kobe, Japan participated in 2011 Aki Matsuri. Also participants assisting Ugawa san were the following:

From Japan:
Makiko Nobuhara (make-up)
Junko Ebisuya (kitsuke)
Manami Fukui (kitsuke)
Akemi Iwata (hair stylist, make-up)
Atsuko Fujii (kitsuke)

From Bellevue:
Mika Carnes (hair stylist @ eN Salon)

From King5TV:
Andrea Nakano (Yukata Show MC)

She and her assistants demonstrated how to wear Furisode (long sleeved kimono) and how to tie obi in traditional and more unique styles on Saturday at the Tatami Stage.

On Sunday, she and her assisitants conducted a Yukata Show on the main stage in the Gym. Theme of the Yukata Show was "Kizuna" ... bond between family/friends, people in Japan, and people in the World. More than 15 beautiful yukata and obi were worn by volunteer models who were chosen from local participants prior to the matsuri.

Yukata Show at 2011 Aki Matsuri

Yukata Show 2011
Yukata Show 2011
(Yukata Show, Aki Matsuri 2011)

Ugawa Yu Profile
(Kimono Coordinator, Ugawa Yu)
Ugawa-san was born in Ashiya-shi, Japan.

She married with the owner of a long standing Kimono Shop located in Kobe. She became very interested in Kimono, and worked hard to become a kimono expert.

She founded "You & Yu Kimono Kitsuke Gakuin" in 1993 to educate people about the proper wearing of Kimono and the coordination & selection of Kimono and accessories.

In 1994, she founded "Bridal Group You & Yu" to advise and assist with the wedding ceremony attire for groom and bride in both Japanese-style and western-style.

In 2002, she became an exclusive bridal coordinator in the Katsura Sanso, a high-class Japanese-style restaurant and inn.

In 2010, she established a Non-Profit Organization called "I Love Kimono Yukino-kai" to preserve and continue the heritage of Kimono Culture and promote it in a broader range of the population.

She has presented several Kimono/Yukata shows in Kobe. She also conducted Kimono Presentations and Shows in Florence, Italy (2005) and Rotterdam, Holland (2007).

This will be her first Kimono Presentation and Yukata Show held in the USA, and she is very excited to meet many matsuri visitors.

Please check her website:

(Photo courtesy of Ugawa Yu)

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