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2009 Information

Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu

Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu is one of the classic Martial Arts of Japan (Kobudo). This school originated in the 10th century by its founder, Kaneyuki Tomono in Satsuma (currently Kagoshima), Japan.

Demonstrations and lectures were conducted by representatives of Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu dojo in Kagoshima and Tokyo.

Lecture Topics included:
  • "The Last Samurai: Saigo Takamori" by Mr. Tsuyoshi Takayanagi, Director of Saigo Nanshu Kensho-kan in Kagoshima

  • History and information about Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu by Mr. Hisashi Takahashi and other representatives of the school.

(Photos courtesy of Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu)

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