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"The 100 Shrine Forest
Paintings and Photographs"
by Ichinomiya Jumpai Kai

Ise Tasubaki Grand Shrine

Ise Tsubaki Grand Shrine
by Mr. Yukihiro Sekiguchi

Buzen Usa Jingu

Buzen Usa Jingu
by Mr. Noboru Yonezawa

Over one thousand years ago, Japan was made up of 68 provinces, and in each province the highest shrine was defined as Ichinomiya, or No. 1 shrine. Those Ichinomiya shrines have lived through the long history up to today with many visitors and pilgrims visiting them even today. Ichinomiya Junpai kai is made up of the people who have the common purpose of visiting those Ichinomiya shrines as holy places.

Profile - Mr. Yukihiro Sekiguchi

Mr. Sekiguchi

Mr. Yukihiro Sekiguchi,
artist and art director

Mr. Sekiguchi was born in Osaka in 1944 during World War II. He spent his childhood days in a countryside because of the war evacuation program. The life in the countryside with picturesque scenes gave him interest in art, especially in drawing pictures and set the life course. He had worked as a designer in a TV animation studio and as an instructor in a design school before he came to be involved in editing a company PR magazine. In 1980 he came up with his artistic works for the first time and in 1992 he published the first book of his paintings. He writes essays of travels, especially travels to museums.
Profile - Mr. Noboru Yonezawa

Mr. Yonezawa

Mr. Noboru Yonezawa, photographer
Mr. Yonezawa was born in Osaka in 1938. Having had worked at Nihon Create Design Company, he became a freelance cameraman in 1963. He set up Studio 88. His main works include "Medico-Cultural History of Japan" and "Ichinomiya Note". He has been engaged in these days in taking photos of Ichinomiya shrines across Japan and plans to publish a book of those photos. He is a member of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association

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