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2006 Information

Sosaku Ningyo (Original Dolls) by:

Mrs. Kazuyo Nakahashi

(Photos courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Nakahashi)
Sosaku Ningyo (original doll) Exhibit by Mrs. Kazuyo Nakahashi from Saitama, Japan. She exhibited some of her works of art during the 2006 Aki Matsuri. Many matsuri visitors really appreciated her exquisite works first hand.

Nakahashi-san has won numerous awards in the arts of carving and original doll creation. She has exhibited extensively in Japan with numerous solo exhibits in Ginza, Tokyo and in Kagoshima. Also, she is now actively teaching this important art-form in Saitama and Kagoshima.

Ms. Kazuyo Nakahashi - Profile
Nakahashi-san Photo

Doll Making 1

(Photos courtesy of Nakahashi-san)
Born in Kagoshima (now resident of Saitama Pref.)

1985 - Joined Japan Creative Doll Academy

1987 - Accepted to Ningyo Tachi Doll Exhibition

1989 - Besides producing dolls, began carving under Mr. Yutaka Kato

1990 - Earned instructorship in Japan Creative Doll Academy. First award in 41st Saitama Prefecture Exhibition (Carving). Thereafter, won awards for 7 consecutive years.

1991 - First participated in joint exhibition by Dollmakers Group, and participated each time thereafter.

1991 - Won award for excellence in first Kasugabe City (Saitama) Carvers Exhibition

1992 - Awarded Urawa Mayor's prize (carving) at 42nd Saitama Prefectural Cultural Works Exhibition

1993 - Became member of Saitama Prefectural Arts Association

1994 - Awarded Urawa Mayor's Prize at Urawa City Carving Exhibition (Saitama Pref.).

Won award in Plastic Arts Division of Cultural Activities Exhibit at Japan Industrial University.

First solo exhibition of dolls at Elpis Gallery on Tokyo's Ginza.

1999 - Second solo exhibition at Elpis Gallery on the Ginza

2000 - Headed doll workshops at Nippon TV/Yomiuri Cultural Center & elsewhere.

Placed "Nagomi" carving in Midori Middle School, Kasugabe City (Saitama Pref.)

2002 - Third solo exhibit at Ginza's Elpis Gallery

2003 - Started instruction with Mr. Maeda Kanami for Japanese traditional art dolls

2004 - Received Japan Creative Doll Association's Pajiko award.

2004 - Fourth solo exhibit at Kagoshima's Yamagataya Department Store

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More photos of her works
(Photos courtesy of Nakahashi-san)
Sosaku Ningyo By Nakahashi-san
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