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2004 Information

Edo Moku Chokoku*
(Edo woodcarving)

Language Note: * EDO = old name of Tokyo, MOKU= tree, wood, CHOKOKU = carving

Hannya Men
Kyogen Mask (Otsu)
Shishi Gashira (Kamakura Period)
"Photos courtesy of Mr. Hideta Kitazawa"

Matsuri attendees who had never visited Japan might have been stunned by the dynamic line and exquisite detail in the works displayed by this artist. Those who had visited the stunning Tokugawa-era Toshogu Shrine in Nikko would have recognized that heritage in the work of Mr. Hideta Kitazawa, a member of the Edo Woodcarvers Union, whose members trace their artistic lineage back directly to the artists that adorned Nikko's shrines with their work. At least 10 of these artists, including Mr. Kitazawa and his father currently do woodcarving for Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples around the Kanto area.

Mr. Hideta Kitazawa, an extremely accomplished Edo woodcarver from Tokyo, displayed some of his masterpieces and demonstrated his art for all eyes to watch.

Hideta Kitazawa  
Hideta Kitazawa 2
"Kitazawa-san at 2004 Aki Matsuri"



Mr. Hideta Kitazawa was born in Tokyo in 1968. As a second-generation woodcarving artist, Mr. Kitazawa began studying under his woodcarver father over a decade ago in Tokyo. Initially, he only did the finishing work on carvings by his father, but soon began creating original works. In 1997 he demonstrated and exhibited his work at the Tokyo-to Dento Kogeiten (Tokyo Traditional Crafts Exhibition) at the Mitsukoshi Department Store. The next year he received the Outstanding Youth Artisan Award. Last year at the Shinsaku Nohmen Concour (New Noh Mask Show) he received the Yokohama Noh Drama Hall Director's Prize. At this year's Tokyo Traditional Crafts Exhibition he received the Successor Generation Award. The artist also lectures and demonstrates his work at Japan's Performing Arts University.

He has been commissioned to repair and remake some works designated as Cultural Assets.

Works by Mr. Kitazawa and his father are on display also on Shinto o-mikoshi and Buddhist floats used in festivals in the Kanto region; and Noh and Kyogen actors use their Noh masks in actual performances. Some of Mr. Kitazawa's work is on display at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Granite Falls.
"Photos courtesy of Mr. Hideta Kitazawa"

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